Year: 2022

Know about the Perks of buying a used car

Everybody wants to buy a car; after all, it is more spacious and provides independence and freedom of mobility. You can travel long distances with your family and friends anytime, it provides you with more security and saves a lot of money you spend on traveling fairs.

But buying a new car is expensive with increasing functions and facilities the cost of purchasing a new car is steadily raising while the average life span of the vehicle has decreased. In addition, with the high rate of insurance and registration charges, the price of a new car furthermore increases.

A better way of getting a car is to buy a second-hand used car, this will help you to manage your expenses and provide a much better value for your invested money. Now, the companies are launching the upgraded model of their cars sooner, than a couple of years ago. So latest cars are coming into the used car market, providing you an opportunity to get the latest card without giving much load on your wallet so if you manage to buy a good used car it is more valuable for the money that you spend. Also buying a used car protects the environment as less number of cars will be produced each year.


Perks of buying a used car

  • Value for money -One of the main reasons why people tend to buy a used car is that pre-owned cars come with a lower price tag.
  • Lower depreciate the valueThe value of new cars depreciates rapidly about 20% or more in the first year alone. Used cars have less depreciate value so you will lose less money.
  • Lower insurance charges-As the value of used cars is less so you will have to pay less for their insurance, also the cost of registration charges depends upon the cost of the car so this price automatically drops.
  • Get certified used cars with warrantyNow many companies provide certified used car certificates with warranties after doing rigorous quality cheques and inspections.
  • Tension-free drivingWhile driving a used car you need not worry about minor damages and extra caution consciousness of a brand new car so you will drive more relaxed.
  • Easier financial SchemesLower the cost price means lower the loan amount you have to borrow as the banks charge a high rate of interest on the loan amount lower amount loan tends to have less interest amount and a lower amount to be repaid in form of EMI.
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